Even if you have never taken a racket in your hands, this is not a cause for disappointment.
Our experienced and professional instructors will help you and even your children master this active and exciting sport. Also, you will have an unforgettable time, ensuring yourself a wonderful vacation in Yalta. We have one professional clay tennis court for this.

Working hours: all year round

Tennis court open 1 hour - 700 rubles
Rent a tennis racket 1 hour - 250 rubles
Sparring partner services 1 hour - 1300 rubles
Even in distant times, tennis was considered the game of kings, and medieval France is considered the birthplace of tennis.
In the XIV century, the French nobility was fond of the so-called "palm game" ("jeu de pom"), which is one of the ancestors of modern tennis. It was played in halls and on open-air grounds.
It is interesting that the balls were made of leather back then. They were stuffed with sawdust, rags, grass, etc.
They could only bounce off a hard surface. With the advent of rubber balls, playing on the grass became possible.

At the moment, there are various types of tennis courts: grass, clay, hard, or synthetic carpets. The court itself is a rectangular area with a flat surface and applied markings.
There is a net stretched in the middle of the court, the height of which is 0.91 m.
The type of coverage affects the bounce of the ball and the dynamics of movement of the players, so the strategies of the game
on courts with different surfaces can be radically different. At the same time, there is no one preferred surface, and even the most prestigious professional tournaments are held on courts of different types.

Tennis as a sport today is one of the most popular and prestigious in the world ..
Playing tennis brings joy and longevity, developing such essential qualities as energy and assertiveness.

But, of course, nothing beats the benefits to the body during tennis. You can't buy health!
And after hard mental work it will only be a joy to play a couple of sets.
And by winning just in the game, you win in life.